I am a part of it, inevitably. Urbanity and supermodernity, a new multiverse... I can't help it, the world around me is as beautiful as it is repelling. Multiple self, perception of reality, identity in the era of dispersed references and uncertainty. So many questions, so many pieces. But, looking from afar, the image makes sense. Looking closely...
My paintings are made of layers.The process of painting is a reaction to what I perceive as reality, a juxtaposition that includes both harmony and controversy. I need to add as much as I need to remove, build and excavate.
Regarding the visual and plastic qualities of an image, what interests me is the relation between figuration and abstraction. In relation to the above, I percieve abstraction as the non secure place of change where anything is possible. And figuration as the search for a secure place, a sign, something familiar. Overall, my intention is to depict this state of changing and tribulation, using basic painting qualities such as color, shape, synthesis, time and space.

Alexandros Magkos
SUB85 art studio
MA FINE ART Central St Martins University of the Arts London
BA Middlesex University
Study diploma ORNERAKIS School of Applied arts